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How the Flower got Its Petals

By: Courtney B.
South Carolina, Age 9

A long time ago, a rose sat by a creek. She complained, ''Wouldn't I look better and feel better if I had a nice soft blanket?'' ''Well, I certainly agree,'' said Lilly. Daisy argued,'' I don't want my soft, colorful blanket to just be around me.'' She added, ''I want my blanket to stand out in a circle around me!'' All of a sudden, a blue jay, a dove, and a flamingo appeared. ''If you want a soft blanket of petals, then you must ask us a certain way,'' said the dove mysteriously. Rose begged,'' Will you please just give us the blanket of petals.'' Lilly added,''We don't have time to answer your silly riddle!'' The blue jay, the dove, and the flamingo decided that the flowers needed the blanket of petals more than the birds needed them to answer their riddle. So, the blue jay was the first to give a few of his sparkling blue feathers to Lilly. Then, the dove gave several of his gleaming white feathers to Daisy. Finally, the shy flamingo blushed a deep rosy pink and gave his new pink feathers to Rose. The flowers bloomed beautifully as they spread their petal blankets. According to the legend, this is how the flowers received their petals.