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How Birds Got Becks

By: Makayla E.
South Carolina, Age 9

Bird saw that all animals have noses. Birds best friends have noses. ''Snake said i am sorry you don't have a nose''. A day later possom sniffed the flowers bird saw and was very upset. Bird saw rabbit sniff the fish. Bird saw monkey sniff the stream. Days later when the people were hunting snake called a meeting, bird did not come. '' Bird is sad and we need to do something''. said snake. ''Yes all of us need to help''. said possom. ''I have a idea'' said rabbit. ''Me to'' siad monkey We find some wood and carve a nose and use berrys to panit it yellow and stick it on her said rabbit. ''Monkey'' ''zzzzz'' ''MONKEY'' Sorry i had i the same idea. ''Okay''So thats how birds got beaks, But that idea didn't work IT FELL OFF!!!! Oh well that idea would have worked if we use something else. said lion. Like what? said possom? Sweat said monkey no, glue. don't have any said possom. Sap said snake, YES! Tree sap here we come. said lion. the animals travled a long way to the tree and back. They put the tree sap on the beak to see if it would stick. Hey bird we have the answer to your problem. Snake tried and it worked, And thats how birds got beaks.