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A Clever Dog 2

By: Kofi A.
New Jersey, Age 9

Once upon a time, in the roaring city of Los Angeles, nine year old Billy and his dog Marley went for a walk. Well more like for a ride! Marley was leading while Billy rode his scooter with his friends Kofi, Ben, Jack, Olivia, Francesca, and Kaitlyn L., and of course Marley’s two friends Rex and Flex. In their last adventure Billy was kidnapped by 2 men who wanted his fame. But with the help of his friends Marley finds him and learns never to give up. Run boy! Yelled Billy. They were taking a little walk down Main Street, California on a beautiful, sunny day. What do you want to do today? Asked Kofi. Billy’s friends were always busy practicing for their band. They were only staying for a few months since they were shooting a new music video of their new song Stay with Me with Billy, Marley, Rex, Flex, and other people for their new album It’s Good To Be Friends. Let’s go shopping! Yelled the girls. You guys can said Billy. Let’s go star hunting! Said Kofi. Let’s go bone hunting! Marley told his friends. Grab him! One of the men said. It was the same two men that stole Billy and they were out of jail. And get his friends! They said. All of them drove off out of sight. Let’s start our mission boys! Said Marley.

Leave my friends alone! Said Billy. After a few hours, Marley and his friends had sniffed out where their friends were. You guys remember the plan right. Yes said Flex and Rex. So Flex went to go rescue Billy’s friends, Rex went to go get Billy, and Marley went to go get the men. After Kofi, Ben, Jack, Olivia, Francesca, and Kaitlin L. were rescued by Flex, they went to go get the police. Marley was being attacked by the two men, but finally the cops came. You boys are going to be facing a lot of trouble when you are in prison! Said Officer Smith. Once again Marley and his friends had saved the day again. “Maybe we should write a song about the dogs said Kofi. Marley you are a clever dog!” said Billy.