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An elephant's origin

By: Elephant guy B.
Hawaii, Age 6

Once upon a time, an elephant's nose was not long,they were not that big either. they looked like pigs.[with big ears!]in this time there was a king,queen,and princess. the king loved elephants but an evil wizard was destroying elephants. many had elephant named ed went to the mighty good wizard for wisdom. the wizard was named wiz. wiz showed ed the magic ball and showed him the future. in the future everything was destroyed and the evil wizad ruled, he was king evil.he could change that though, so the wizard gave ed powers. so he vanished and went to the mouuuntain were king evil was staying. but then the sorcerer made ed vanish and he apeared on hanging on to a root off a cliff edge. his little nose hung on though. the villian flew off to destroy more elephants for weeks ed hung there. but then he fell. he was ok but he then started eating a lot. he was fat then the evil wizard returned and ed hit him with his nose witch grew longer as it had hung on the root. then the power exploded and destroyed ed and the evil wizard but the power floated every were turning every elephant into a long nosed and fat elephant an that was the way elephant's have long noses.