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A Wise Butterfly and a Very Large Elephant

By: Jensen C.
Indiana, Age 15

In the jungles of South America lived a variety of exotic animals: some like the butterfly showing its magnificently beautiful colors, others like the elephant, feeling gigantic and gray. None of the other animals really talked to Elephant, for he was much too large. He was always lonely. The other animals didn’t think he could do the things they liked to do, so they left him alone all the time. Elephant saw the other animals—Crocodile, Snake, Lizard, Monkey, and Lion—having the time of their lives laughing, playing, and making jokes.

One day in the jungle, Elephant was taking a walk and stumbled across a big path full of trees. He started to walk through it when he realized that he was much too big to fit through the small space in between the trees. Much to his surprise, Monkey and Snake were there too. At once, they began laughing hysterically, making fun that Elephant couldn’t fit through the trees.

“Hahaha, Snake, I told you it would be good for a laugh to come to our path. Look who can’t fit through the path! He can’t do anything right,” exclaimed monkey, who in fact was still laughing at Elephant.

“You’re so right. He’s too big to do anything,” said Snake.

“I am most certainly not too big!” cried Elephant. “I can fit. You guys just watch.”

As he started to get up the courage to walk through the narrow trees, all the rest of the animals showed up in anticipation. He took one step, and then another, and another, and then SPLIT! The two trees cracked in half and fell to the ground. At that instant, Elephant knew they were right. He was much too large to do anything.

“We told you!” laughed Monkey and Snake. All the other animals laughed, and Elephant hung his head and slowly walked away.

Not long into that day a beautiful butterfly came and sat down on Elephants tusks.

“What’s the matter?” asked Butterfly softly.

“I’m too big to do anything,” cried Elephant.

“You most certainly are not too big!”

“Yes I am!” Elephant sobbed.

“No matter how big or how small, you can do anything if you give it your all. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you, Elephant. Follow me. I actually could use your help with something.”

So Butterfly led the way and Elephant slowly followed, skeptical of what Butterfly was up to. She led him to the path with the narrow trees. Elephant insisted that he just could not fit through, but Butterfly told Elephant to look to his right. As he did, he realized that there was another entrance to the path that led to a beautiful waterfall.

“Wow! We made it through,” Elephant said in disbelief.

“Ok, Elephant, I need your help. I need you to push this fallen branch out of the way. My friend Groundhog is stuck underneath.”

So Elephant picked up the big branch with his powerful trunk, and threw it out of the way.

“Groundhog! Oh, I knew someone could help you! I’m so glad you’re safe,” exclaimed Butterfly.

“Thank you so much, Elephant,” replied Groundhog.

“I knew you could do it. See, you’re not too big to do everything. We are all made special, and we all are supposed to do different things. I am supposed to fly, Groundhog is supposed to dig, and you are made to be strong and powerful. No matter how big or how small, you can do anything if you give it your all!”

“I see! Oh, thank you Butterfly for showing me that I am useful for things. I will never doubt myself again,” said Elephant. Well, unless I have to go through the path of trees,” he joked.

They all laughed, and began together the future of three best friends fulfilling their purposes. They always remembered, no matter how big or how small, they could do anything if they gave it their all.