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By: Jessica M.
Indiana, Age 15

Deep in the dark, dangerous jungles of the New York Zoo there lived a happily round monkey named George. George just loved bananas. In fact, he loved them so much that it was all he ever thought about in his small monkey mind. ''I wounder what type of bananas I will get today. What flavor, what color! Oh I'm just so excited!''
said George. He went through this every time the zoo keeper came to feed him. Jumping frantically up and down, childish screams, and loud banging on the walls just for a man in a olive green zoo uniform with a big, black bucket full of those juicy bananas he loved sooo much. Some could say that George put on quite the class act when it came to feeding time.
But one day, George felt extra hungry. Something inside of him was churning and wanted more and more of those delicious ripe bananas. When infamous feeding time came, he went beyond wild! As soon as the bananas were dumped out of the big black bucket, he immediately scooped them all up and went and hid in a cave.
Soon all of the other monkeys were quite hungry. They looked all over for the bananas and George. ''Is he in a tree?'' one of the monkeys asked.
''Is he in the hut?'' another monkey asked. This stared a exhibit-wide search for George and the bananas.
Finally a small, innocent monkey found George and the bananas in the cave underneath the big pounding waterfall. ''George we are so hungry. Can you please share some of your bananas with us?'' asked the young monkey. All of a sudden George burst out with the loudest scream any monkey had heard in all of the zoo. '' NO!!!!!!!!!'' said George. With this scream, even the lions were a bit stirred and interrupted by this.
The young monkey was so afarid he ran back and told the extremley hungry group of monkeys what had happened. Still with this crazy feeling inside of him, George proceeded to eat all of the bananas that he gathered earlier on that day.
Shortly after his lavish feast of bananas, George began to reep the consequences of his actions. He tried to swallow a monster truck and he was extremley unsuccesful. Amongst his pity, he saw all of the other monkeys picking around for some hope of a little niblit of food leftover from the days before. As George saw the destroyed peels around him, he realized what he had done.
He felt guilty and asahmed. When feeding time came again, he went over with the big, black bucket of bananas,and gave them to the friends he hurt. Then the little monkey who he yeld at, emerged from the hungry, but still grateful crowd. ''I'm sorry.'' George said. And that was all he needed to say. The little monkey gave him a hug and a banana.