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Princess Hana and Prince Eric

By: Tay A.
Canada, Age 5

Once upon a time a princess named Princess Hana had a big problem. Her problem was that Prince Eric would not come to rescue her. She cried “Oh no where is Prince Eric?” Princess Hana’s parents were worried too. They said “Oh no this is ridiculous, this is taking too long.”
Prince Eric could not come to rescue to Princess Hana because he had his own problems. On Friday he had a headache and on Wednesday he had a cold. So he laid in bed for twenty days like a princess. His servants brought him soup and honey, but not only regular honey, it was Manuka honey. One day Prince Eric did not have any problems because he got better so he went to rescue Princess Hana from her tower and fire breathing dragon. He fought with the dragon and won. “Woohoo” he yelled jumping up and down. When Princess Hana saw him she yelled “where have you been and how come you took so long?” Prince Eric was surprised to be yelled at so he told her that he had some problems. So Princess Hana was not upset anymore she was happy. Prince Eric brought Princess Hana back home to her castle. Prince Eric and Princess Hana got married and they lived happily ever after.