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Big Chicken and the Folks

By: Tracey K.
South Carolina, Age 15

There once lived a big chicken named Johnetta, her nickname was Desi. She always ran away when it was time to wash off. But when it was time to eat she would always be happy and run towards what was on the table. Then one day there was nothing to eat and Desi was so upset she ran up hillside. Then came Big Lissa her farmer had to try to run after her, but then she couldn’t make it because she was over weighted and ran out of breath. Then came along Boney Ronnie who ran to get some help but couldn’t make it because her bladder was to weak. So then she sat there along the roadside for help because she needed some changing clothes. But then came along wanna be Lijah who came to give Boney Ronnie some changing clothes and once she changed her clothes she went along with wanna be Lijah and went to help Big Lissa. Then once she got settled in they all tag along to go get the Johnetta. Then they finally caught.