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How the Rabbit got it's Ears

By: Nicholas G.
New York, Age 9

There is a lonely rabbit that lives in a forest. He ignores everything. He ignores the wind, animals and all other noises. One day a turtle walked over and
said,''I need help finding something to eat. Can you help find something?'' The rabbit did nothing but sit. The turtle got mad. '' Can you help me?!'' he said loudly. No reply. The turtle tried again. The rabbit did nothing. The turtle was so frustrated that he decided to leave. The next day a monkey came to the rabbit and said,''I am feeling very good today. I'm feeling so good today that I want to tell you a joke. Are you ready for me to tell you a funny joke?'' The rabbit only sat in place. I guess that's a yes. Okay. What did the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?'' The rabbit yawned very loudly. ''Nothing. It just waved! Isn't that a funny joke?'' The rabbit layed down. ''Aren't you going to say anything?'' Nothing. ''That's it! I'm leaving. You wreaked my perfect day.'' Later that day a magical witch snake slithered over. ''You have ignored and disrespected lots of animals. I shall cast a spell on you.'' The rabbit ignored again. After that the witch left. The next time somebody walked up to the rabbit something different happened. ''Aha,ha,ha! You look ridiculous in those ears!'' the turtle laughed. He sat down for a second then left. ''Ouch! My ears hurt. How loud does he have to laugh!'' said the rabbit who never talks. A few minutes later the turtle and a bunch of other animals walked over laughing. ''Quiet down! Be quiet won't you!'' The rabbit now had his turn to be mad. Then the rabbit noticed something. ''Aaahhhh! My ears! Look at my ears!!''
The End