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''The 4 turtles''

By: Kameryn M.
Indiana, Age 10

Once there was a ture was lonely. So one day she went out in the sea so find a friends. So she found another girl turtle named Rachell. She looked lonely too Mckenzie said. So Rachell said do you have any friends because i don't Mckenzie said no do you?? She said nope me either. So Rachell said would you like to go roam around and look for more friends?? Mckenzie said sure. So the next day they found a boy turtle his name was Jack he was nice. Mckenzie asked Jack if he had any friends Jack said sure i do. But jack said only one. So jack said do you want to meet him now? Mckenzie and Rachell said yeah i guess. So they went off to there. Rachell and Mckenzie said how are you what is your name. He said nick what is your guyses name?? Rachell and Mckenzie. So they went off and found a seahorse. But the sea horse did not talk but they thoght it was funny. They kept on saying HELLO HELLO HHEEELLLLOOOOO!!! The seahorse just smiled. They kept yelling HOW ARE YOU HOW ARE YOU WHAT IS YOUR NAME? No awnswer. So they went along and live happily ever after!