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Jack needs groceries

By: Andrew H.
North Carolina, Age 9

One day a poor 70 year old man named Jack was in need of money and wealth. He had a guide dog because he was blind. He had the expensive kind of dog, so he was off to trade it for a cane instead to get more cash. He also brought money for groceries. A man came up to him on the way there and said ''that dog of yours looks really unsteady. Let me hold it until you get to the creek. So Jack accepted the strangerís offer and gave the man the dog and leaned on the manís back until they reached the creek, and all of a sudden jack felt a shove on his back. The man had stolen his dog and snitched the money out of Jack's pocket and shoved poor Jack into the creek. Jack heard an evil snicker as the man ran off with the dog. Minutes later some hikers came along, saw Jack in the water and they helped him out. When Jack got home (which took some time just using a wobbly stick) he went a different way coming back out. He skipped the store and bought a cane back. He trusted another stranger, because he figured not everyone could be bad. But when he gave the man the cane, this stranger laughed and beat Jack senseless.
The moral of the story is: Never trust strangers. Jack was even right. Not everyone is bad. Just most people are.