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By: Divya C.
Switzerland, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a witch called Guala. One day, Guala went to a Party. There Guala drank one glass of potion and again one potion but in that glass was a mouse. But Guala drank it.
“A, a, a, a, a, a, a ,!’’ She screamed, then all the witches gathered around her.
The mouse pulled her nose and Guala tried to take the mouse away from her nose.

All the witches looked at Guala with a surprise. Guala asked, “What’s wrong with me?”

A witch then said, “Guala, you have a long nose.”

Guala looked in the mirror and she screamed out very loud.

The mouse started to laugh at her. Guala looked at the mouse and shouted, “You rat you pulled my nose!’’ then Guala started to cry . Suddenly the mouse stopped laughing when he saw Guala crying.

He thought he could pull all of the witches’ noses too. The mouse said “Now that Guala has a long nose, you can also have a long nose like her.”

The witches answered, “Yes, you can pull our noses too, so that we are like Guala.”

The mouse whispered, ‘‘That is great!” He then pulled the noses of each witch so they had a long nose.

Guala stopped crying and looked at all of the witches. She asked, “Why do you all have long noses?’’

They said, “Because you are our friend.” All the witches thanked mouse for this. Guala thanked mouse for this. Mouse and Guala made friends together.