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How the Grass got Green

By: Alexa W.
Switzerland, Age 9

Once upon a time a boy lived in New York. The boy’s name was Tom. Tom had a cat and a mouse. The mouse’s name was Sally. Sally was a girl mouse. The cat’s name was Luna. Luna is also a girl. Tom went to school and was in 3rd grade. He liked to go to school. He had a nice teacher, and her name was Ms. Glass. Ms. Glass said one day, “We’re going to the museum!” Tom was excited. He wanted to take chips and an apple and a glass with a lid full of Coke.
The next day, Ms. Glass said, “We are going to the dinosaur museum.” When we were at the museum we went in. Suddenly, we heard a noise. A dinosaur skeleton fell down. The police came and sent everybody home. So that’s how Tom had an afternoon off.
He went home into his garden and played with Sally and Luna. Everything in the garden was grey. Tom’s favorite color was green. He was bored and didn’t know what to do. Then he had an idea! He could paint his house and the garden. So he got all the colors out. Sally and Luna asked him to paint the grass for them. Tom took the brush, dipped it into his favorite color and started to paint the grass. Sally and Luna liked it very much and they told all their friends to come and have a look at the beautiful grass. Everybody loved the look of the freshly painted grass so much that they all went home to paint their grass green as well.
And that’s how the grass got green all over the world.