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Buck and dominoe save the garden

By: Abigail A.
South Korea, Age 7

Once upon a time there was a dog named Abigail jassmina was a dog too.One day she went out for a walk and saw Fluffy.Fluffy is her friend and she said,:can you help me with my ganden ''.Fluffy said,:yes I will''.Buck and dominoe,twe rabbits,are there and dominoe saod,we will help you with your garden''.jassmina said,:we need to get water so we need to go to the pood''.The frog and Abigail are there.They have a bucket and they put water in it and gave it to them. Abigail said,:Can we help you with your garden''?Jassmina said,:Yes you can''.When we got there Buck and Dominoe were there.They put spell in the water so the garden will grow faster and it did.the end