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How the whale moved away

By: Hailey S.
Arizona, Age 9

There once was a whale who was poor, but thought he was famous. The whale was sleeping on a coral bed dreaming of gold tell the mesinger come in. What is it catfish said the whale. Master shark is going to be our new neighbor! What shall we do? We should move than said the shark. But we don't have enuf money to move, it cost 100 coral bits for the thing you have. Well... I guss we will have to eat to death. The food whale eats is plankton. So whale ate the plankton and got one wish. Whale wished for money to move away,50 coral bits. Thats not enuf whale. It is't. No we need 100 not 50. You should think before you speak. Know we need 50 morecoral bitsand have to sill plankton from shark. Let's go and ask nicely. They went in, than got kicked out. That didn't work said catfish. What shall we do know? Hmmm...I got it! what is it whale? Whale says tonight we will paint areself in black than sneack in and get the plankton, it's got to work! Than they did what whale said and got the plankton. Than went to whale's home. I wish I wish for 100 coral bits to move away. Than whale got the money and moved away happy ever after the end.