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A Magical Journey

By: Michelle V.
Mississippi, Age 12

Once upon a time there was Diddy Duck, Cuddly Cow, and Bubbly Bunny. They were best friends. One day Wicked Witch found Cuddly Cow on the road. She sneakily cast a spell on him. The spell made him sleepy forever. Wicked witch carried him to her castle. Somehow Bubbly Bunny and Diddy Duck found out that Cuddly Cow was captured by Wicked Witch because there were magic dusts on the road. So Bubbly Bunny and Diddy Duck followed the trail of magical dust. Bubbly Bunny found Wicked Witch sleeping on her throne. He took his bill and jabbed her on the side of her head. Then he figured out that Wicked Witch was already dead. Bubbly Bunny found Cuddly Cow tied up in Wicked Witch’s tower. Diddy Duck flew to the tower with Bubby Bunny on her back. Diddy Duck used his powerful bill to cut the rope. Then they flew back to the farm. No one knew how Wicked Witch had died. Some say that she died by a contagious disease.