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A lush vacation

By: Maggie K.
Canada, Age 9

This story has been passed down for generations.

Along time ago in the Lush waters of Jamaica.There were three girls named Fiona ,Amy and Kiwi.Wow Jamaica is so magnificent with its sultry waters to there gorgeous vine i just wanna see everything said Amy. Were not here for site seeing Amy were here to find the Microcrystal i heard that its worth a tycoon said Fiona.Oh look theres a sigh that said free boat ride said Kiwi. Lets go said Fiona. Oh this boat ride is so relaxing and calm said Amy.Well its time to buckle up enjoy the time well it lasted said Fiona.Remember any open notches will a tract sharks said Kiwi.Theres sharks here you should of told me it going back to the coast!Said Amy.Oh don't chicken out your the one who wanted to do this in the first place said Fiona.Fine i will stay but please if any one has rips i suggest for you to get out of the water now said Amy.Uh oh said Kiwi Uh oh said Kiwi.Uh oh what said Fiona .I think on the boat ride i sliced my self said Kiwi.You cut your self well then get out of the water now said Amy. I think its alittle to late said Kiwi. Everybody swim away i specled a shark and it looks pretty starving and angry said Fiona.Why does everybody have to run away when im trying to greet the to the neighbor hood im gonna talk to them said the shark. Oh look theres the Microcrystal said Fiona. Well we should get it now before were out of breath said Kiwi.Were successful.