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Canada, Age 10

Oh hello this story has been retold over and over from my grandma's grandma and passed down to me. , this story has been passed on through generation many times. So here it is . . . A long time ago there were 4 best partners named Elliott a moose, skunked a skunk, lily a human and Charlie a lion. The setting of this story is in a gorgeous island called Hawaii and the setting is also in a forest. The problem was that lily and her partners got lost in Hawaii and couldn't find there way back. Also Elliott had powers it is to make a map that is electric and he dose it with his hands. One day in Hawaii lily and partners were laying down on the sand and had a wonderful time until Charlie saw a rain forest '' hey you guys you want to go in that rain forest '' SURE, then let' 's go. Following on that day they took picture's and PICTURES but then there was a sign
that said DANGER and they never saw it' , so they were walking suddenly there was died end . However every time they went back they keep on pausing at the died end. Are you thinking what I' 'am thinking huh yes WE ARE LOST ! Then at 7:50 pm lily had in idea DING . I just recollected that Elliott let' 's see were we are in the map great idea , we are at the end of the forest is there a way we can get back to the beach according to my calculation sure we can let 's go this way this way and walk straight down . . . . . 1 hour later they finally got back yea hurry. lily and her partners solved the problem by Elliott always having a map with him and you should remember to bring a map with you everywhere you go. The lesson to this story is was never go anywhere with an adult or a partner. Know you can tell your brother's or sister's about this story, wish you liked it.