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Anna and Angel

By: Sangita M.
Georgia, Age 15

Anna and angel

Once upon a time there is a one girl her name is Anna. She is so cute lovely and nice with everybody. She didn't have parent they died when she was twelve years old. She lives with her cousin. Anna cousin didn't like her so much , they always use tell her to work hard and didnít give much food to eat too .She always use to cry inside her room .One day one beautiful angel come inside her room while she is crying alone. She ask her why you crying? Anna said I didn't have parent to care me and love me if my parent with me I didn't have to cry .I miss them so, much ...angel said OK don't worry I will help you. Anna ask to angel who are you? She say I am angel come here to help you I can't bring yours parent back but I will help you for every-time and I will give you three think that is important in your life,

1st you will marriage with prince. 2nd you never have to be sad with him. 3rd you will get magic so you will do whatever you want to do in your life Ö. Anna said I am so poor how prince wills marriage me, angel said donít worry I am with you I will help you and you will meet your prince tomorrow in garden at flower. Angle says I have to go now and you have to sleep to. Tomorrow when she wake up she get her with beautiful dress in middle of garden with flower and prince is looking at her. Prince said her youíre looking cute can you come with me in my palace. They want in palace and prince calls everybody. Prince says to all people that he like Anna and he want to marriage her. They get marriage after few years they have a baby. Anna always uses to tell her story to her baby. She never has to sad with prince and they have good life