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Amazon Adventures

By: Tommy L.
Massachusetts, Age 13

One day before humans ruled the Earth there was a group of otters that dwelled in rivers in the Amazon Rainforest. There was one little otter named Oliver who was a real trouble maker. He was always goofing off and going on crazy adventures. Oliver never thought anything bad could happen to him until the day of his fourth birthday.
This day for Oliver was going to be the best day of his life. For young otters there fourth birthday marks the day they are allowed to go on migrations with the rest of the group. So later that afternoon the whole group set out on a migration to another river about four hundred miles away.
After the first day of migration everything was going well , and Oliver was behaving himself well. The group had roughly swam thirty miles away from home in just one day. It was beginning to get dark that night and they haddn't stopped for dinner, and oliver was really hungry. He was complaining greatly that they should stop for food, but they weren't going to stop for a while. Oliver saw something moving in the water and he thought it could be a fish, so he raced off going to look for it. He didn't even think anything bad could to him. After a while of chasing the fish he finally caught it and ate it. He had been so foceused on the fish he had no idea where he was.
Oliver was getting sucked in a current and could not get out of it. He was going to head right into the Amazon River. In the Amazon were many dangerous creatures that would eat Oliver.
He soon saw something lurking in the water. it was huge, and he thought it was going to eat him. But when the creature emerged he found out that it was a 28 foot fish. The fish's name was Johnny and he turned out to be really nice, and he agreed to help Oliver get back to his group. Also Johnny would be able to supply food for the both of them, and he was able to bring Oliver out of the Amazon.
After a few days of traveling Johnny brought Oliver back to his new home. Since Johnny spent so much food on Oliver he had no food himself. So he told Oliver hewould have to eat one of his group members in return for the kind favor, so Oliver said okay. Instead of Johnny eating one of them the otters trapped Johnny and ate him.
So the moral of the story is never trust your own kind.