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Always chose the right path.

By: Alyssa S.
Massachusetts, Age 13

One sunny day when alexander the armidilo woke up and felt the way he always did, board and unwanted.So we woke up and went downstairs to find momma armidilo making yummy insect pancakes.Now he thought he was going to have a good day for sure. He ate them up and grabebd his backpack and got on the bus. Like always he never got a seat so he sat in the very front. Nobody ever talked to alexander, so he sat there in silence. When he got to school he just walked in and went to his locker. He thought to himself i guess this is just another boring day. He got his books went to his class and sat in the very back with no content with anybody else. The teacher walked in with a new student, he was a armidilo just like alexander! Now he wasnt the only one, so he sat right up to see and the teacher sat the new armidilo right next to him. Alex indroduced himself.