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Chiken soup

By: Ashton W.
Ohio, Age 8

Once upon a time in the kingdom of King Tomas and Queen Jane lived a boy named Luke and his sister Katherine. Luke was a servant to Tomas as his sister was a servant to Jane. When ever Luke ate chicken legs and soup he would cut of the meat and put it in his soup.
So, there was someone who was older than Luke named Madero.He always made fun of Luke.''Gross! You are so gross!'' Madero would say while he took Luke's chicken soup and dumped it on Luke's head
but that never stopped Luke, he would get more soup and dump it on Madero's head and get in food fights with Madero.
Well, this went on for a year now, and finally Madero gave up on making fun of Luke. Every day Luke tried to convince Madero to try to the soup but Madero would not try it but Tomas and Jane thought chicken soup was a great Idea so Madero tryed it, and liked it. from that momet on chicken soup was a famous soup