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A greedy king

By: Andrea B.
Puerto Rico, Age 10

Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a king who,s name was Xavier.That king lived in a gigantic palace.Xavier was a greedy king he alway,s wanted more,and more things as in gold.One day a woman came to the palace to look for help.The woman was 39 years old .The woman knocked on the door and the king opened it when he looked at her he said that he wouldn't help her and then he closed the door.It results that the woman was a witch and she did a spell on him that if he touched something or anything it would become gold.Then one day the witch came back she knocked on the door like the last time and one of the kings servants opened it because the king couldn,t.The witch said that she would turn him back but only if he promised to stop being greedy and so he promised and he stoped being greedy. The END.