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A Bad Idea

By: Halden B.
Minnesota, Age 10

The war was about the stick people and bunnies. The bunnies were loosing because the stick people were using laser guns and the bunnies were using sling shots that shot frozen berries. You have to imagine that there was grass and trees everywhere because I don’t want to take the time to explain all of it because it would take a really long time. The stick people are overriding the enemy. The bunnies were out numbered. If the bunnies send enough people to even out the battle field, the stick people will sneak attack from behind. The bunnies need a good plan. They thought of digging a big hole but the stick people have jet packs and could fly out of the holes. The bunnies could not stand there ground. So, private Blueberry said, “We can’t stand our ground!” Then general Fuzz ball said, “We have to get out of here.” So they went off to find a new base. It took long … really long, like a million years long, (but really it only took a minute). And they found a new base on the top of Mount Everest. Private Bob said (his real last name is fuzzy little static cute buns but everyone just calls him ‘Bob’), “It is cold up here.” And Commander Rick said “Everyone knows that it is cold Bob!” The stick people started coming up the mountain. While the stick people were coming up the mountain one bunny was making a lot of noise (no idea why) and it made an AVALANCHE!!! The avalanche came down and swept everyone out of the way except for one bunny. It didn’t hit him he just jumped on it. (I have no idea why he did that). Everyone ended up at the bottom of the mountain. The stick leader and bunny leader came up to each other and they made a truce. That is why it was a BAD IDEA. The moral of the story is: All ideas might lead you to victory; some might lead you to defeat. Either way, you can learn something in the end.