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Jessica and her Dog

By: Eve D.
Minnesota, Age 5

Once upon a time Jessica lived with her dog in a forest. Every day they played. Jessica threw sticks for the dog to fetch. They went swimming in the pond. Jessica loved her dog very much.
On a cliff in the forest there also lived a wicked witch. One day while Jessica and her dog were hiking, the wicked witch saw them. The witch decided she wanted the dog for herself. The witch snuck up on them and took Jessica’s dog. The witch hurried back to her home where she put the dog in a metal cage. She locked the cage and put the key in her pocket.
Jessica ran home to her house and grabbed a rope and a hook. Then Jessica went looking for the witch. She met a magician in the forest. She told the magician what had happened to her dog. The magician gave her a magic wand to help Jessica defeat the witch and told her where the witch lived.
Jessica ran to the where the witch lived on the cliff. It was guarded by monsters. She used the magic wand to turn the monsters into little frogs. Then she used her rope and hook to climb up the cliff. Her dog barked when he saw her.
Jessica sneaked up on the witch and used the magic wand to turn her into a teeny, tiny bug. Jessica freed her dog and the two started for home.
They lived happily ever after.