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A random folktale

By: Hayleah K.
Ohio, Age 13

Once upon a time there was a little dog who lived all alone is a castle well technically he wasnt alone cause he had a master but his master never played with him so lets just say he was all alone anyway back to the story. So there was a little dog named jake. Jake was a little lab. And he was so small that all the other dogs made fun of him so he had no friends or family or as a matter of fact nothing. But was in great need of some love wishing that he had some friends. So one day he went to the dog school that was specially made and there was a beautiful German Sheppard he fell in love the moment he saw her pretty fur he wished she was his. So one night he followed her home after school. He went home and saw she had no family and decided that he would be a friend and family to that very pretty german shepard and they lived happily ever after!