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A Wise Choice

By: Aja D.
Georgia, Age 15

Their was this little poor village in the middle of nowhere and in this village there was these two trees. One tree was strong and mighty and grew the best fruits on it that would make your mouth water. The other tree was short, weak and skinny and never grew any fruits but only once a year. Everyone would come to the strong tree and pick the fruits. The little children would come to it after school and sit under its shade and tell their stories. Wile the small tree would stand their humped over like a little old lady and be thrown whatever way the wind blew. One day a terrible storm came a it had torn down the weathy tree. But, the little tree stayed. It was standing strong like an ox. When it was all over they saw that the little tree was their and the big one wasnt they all felt downtrodden about the situation. Then a light from the sky shined upon the little tree and it grew twice the size of a normal tree and grew fruits that would make you never go hungery again. They never seen such a miracle like this. They sold the fruit around the world and birth one of the biggest nation today knowned as Russia.