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Ally and the Magic Magician.

By: Alana M.
Ohio, Age 7

Once in a village there named a girl Ally who had a best friend Magician.One day her parents said '' were going to A.J Magician's house''.Ally got so excited she called everyone she knew and told them them the news!.once everyone was ready to go Ally siad '' this is to exciting i might burst out laughing my head off''.Once they were at A.j Magician's house Ally was so excited to be there she burst out '' how is the buisness going did you learn any new tricks since October''.A.J was so fasinated she said that he yelled '' I HAVE I HAVE I AM FROZEN IN MY TRACKS''.Ally said '' what new one have you learned''.A.J said '' i learned a FROZEN IN MY TRACKS one Dibblly Doo Dibblly Ha Moo Ca Sa Ca Nonsense Kin De Patts make me and her frozen in our tracks''.Everyone satrted cheering except for his little sister Alina she hates his brother getting all the intentention.When the day was done and night had come Ally went to her bed sang a lullaby and said '' Fashion Fashion strike on me the one and only beauty queen Dazzing Dazzing my hair is so fair i would not give anything up for it not even a Princess's fair share,Dazzing Dazzing My beautiful eyes are so beautiful i never cry,now since the day is fun everyone is in bed now i cant have fun,Dazzing Dazzing go to bed and have night drean sleepyhead''.And from that day forward Ally always remembered A.J Magician.THE END.