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1 Great Swan Ball Party

By: Cheryl S.
California, Age 5

Once there was a Princess. She lived in a Swan castle. She accidentally pressed the Swan Ball button. She had no idea how to make a Ball. She asked her bird friends to get some other Princesses.
One of the Princesses was a Party Princess, a Pony Princess, and a Fruit Princess. The Fruit Princess made the food. The Pony Princess did the style of all of the ads and detail. She also dressed up all the ponies. The Party Princess made the balloons. The Swan Princess put up swan decorations and she painted them. Now the Ball was ready.
All the people came to the party Ball. They all had fun. At the break they ate. And they all had pictures and crafts to do. They did Freeze Dance and other stuff. Then the party was finished.
Now the Swan Princess knows how to have a Ball!