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By: Eduardo S.
Ohio, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a cow and his mom and dad. His mom tells the cow to clean up his mess.
And the cow tells his mom can I play outside and his mom tells him why just to play. When he got inside his house he was dirty so he went to his room. And his mom didnít know he was dirty. When the cow got out his mom saw him dirty. And his mom said YOU ARE IN A BIG TROUBLE cow. So his mom went close to him and his mom hit him at the back. His mom tells him to take a shower but he didnít take a shower. When it was the next day in the morning he was so very dirty. His mom hit him again and the cow got mad and he slapped his mom at the face very hard. But his dad slapped him at the face hard for hitting his mom at the face hard.