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A Gift From Heaven

By: Reagan O.
Oklahoma, Age 10

Today is the day! When we go get my New Brother at the airport in Tulsa,Ok! Cameron was about 10 months old when we got him. When we got home. He tried to walk to my grandma her name is Obie Osborn. The whole family was there to greet us! My cousin Kyra Underwood was in the leaving room when Cameron tried and tried to walk to her until he fell,but he took his first step! My mom and dad started to cry. But,it was a Happy Moment!Now,I'm going to tell you why we adopted him. We adopted him because his mom had a baby before Cameon was born so,she decided to take care of the older baby. They lived in Arizona!But,were enjoying him in are family! He was my grandpa's buddy until my grandpa died. Cameron kept on asking were my grandpa was. I said he was in Heaven. Cameron didn't know were that was so I said Cameron grandpa is in a place were there is no pain, no crying and no hurting. And that is A Gift From Heaven to me!