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A fish named HAVOC

By: Nick L.
Florida, Age 15

Once upon a time there was a young ugly, mean, depressed little fish name HAVOC. He was always made fun of as a child because the color of his skin which was a faded grey and his bad looks. This caused him to become very mean, grumpy and unhappy as a young adult, this all caused him to be very lonely. All HAVOC wanted was to be beautiful, have lots of friends and be happy. One day during his sleep late in the night he had a dream. This wasn’t just a ordinary dream, it was very real feeling. In the dream he met this beautiful golden fish named “Roscoe”. Roscoe had asked HAVOC why he was so unhappy and grumpy. HAVOC replied with “I am ugly and people judge me for my looks! All I want is to be beautiful and to have lots of friends!” Roscoe replied with “Beauty isn’t always on the outside, show your inner beauty and you will become beautiful! That’s how I turned my looks around.” HAVOC than says “teach me, tell me what to do! Please! Im begging” Roscoe told him to “start being himself, letting his personality shine, do good deeds and soon his skin will turn a beautiful golden and he will be accepted”. HAVOC than went back home and the next morning started greeting neighbors, doing good deeds and being very friendly with everyone. He worked hard that day on being nice and letting his personality show, but for some reason he wouldn’t turn golden. That night he went to sleep with doubt in his mind. The next morning he woke up early and went straight outside to do his deeds and let his personality show, when he swam out his hiding spot all the other fish stared at him and gave him lots of attention. He was weirded out and didn’t know what was going on. He then realized his fin wasn’t grey, he looked sharply at his fin and realized it was GOLDEN!! He became very happy gained lots of friends and lived happy the rest of his life! He realized if your personality is beautiful people will look at you as beautiful. HAVOC was thankful and never was grumpy unhappy again.