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How we get Thunderstorms

By: Billy J.
Texas, Age 5

Once upon a time there was a young boy named David. David loved to to watch the clouds all day and even during drenching thunderstorms. One day he met a woman named Elizabeth who was old and weak. ''Please can you climb up to the top of the tree and get me that juicy red apple? But remember don't look down or eat the apple.'' ''Ok that seams easy enough.'' So he went up the pine tree and going up there it made him very hungry and tired. Once he got to the apple he was about to look down when two chipmunks said to him,''Dont look down or you will end up like that old lady.'' so when he got down the bottom he gave he the apple to her and she transformed into a beautiful lady and she said,''You now have cured the horrible spell on me and now you have the power to make thunderstorms when you want them.'' So now when ever you see thunderstorms David is always happy!!!