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Anecdote of Dog and Cat

By: So Jung S.
South Korea, Age 14

There were one rich dog named Puppy and one rich cat named Kitten in Dog and Cat City. In Dog and Cat City, there were a few people, dogs, and cats. And only rich dogs and cats could have houses because they had owners. Anyway, cats and dogs were friendly to each other at that time, like tigers and lions, so they could live together in one city.

One day, Puppy saw punk dogs. He thought they were so awesome and free. So he decided to be like them, because when he saw a punk dog, he thought he could get freedom and every dog will think that he is a cool dog. From that time, Puppy didn¡¯t try to meet Kitten, because when Puppy was going to be a punk dog, his good personality also changed. So later, Puppy thought Kitten¡¯s personality is totally different.

One day, Kitten heard that Puppy who is Kitten¡¯s best friend became a punk dog. Kitten didn¡¯t believe it because for Puppy¡¯s personality, he would not be a punk dog. So Kitten needed evidence. So he went to Puppy¡¯s house. Kitten knocked on the door, but Puppy didn¡¯t come out. Kitten thought Puppy went somewhere. So he waited and waited. Kitten had not seen Puppy for long time. It seemed as haven¡¯t met in 100years. He missed Puppy badly. Just when he got tired of waiting for him, suddenly inside the Puppy¡¯s house, many dogs started to talk. They thought cat was already gone. So they talked about that Kitten was so silly. And then Kitten realized that Puppy really didn¡¯t want to be with Kitten anymore and Puppy wasn¡¯t like the old Puppy anymore. Kitten went to his home disappointed in Puppy.

One Day, Kitten met Puppy on the street. Kitten was glad to see Puppy, though he was disappointed in him. Kitten talked to Puppy about something had that happened recently. ¡°Hey! Puppy!!Long time no see! Where were you until now? Don¡¯t you miss me? I am so glad to see you again!¡± Kitten said. Actually when Kitten saw Puppy on the street, Kitten already realized that Puppy became a punk dog, but it was ok, because he was still Kitten¡¯s best friend. ¡°Well, actually Kitten..I don¡¯t need you anymore and I haven¡¯t missed you because I was so happy that I became so cool dog, also I am happier now than when I was with you. I got many friends and freedom. Also I don¡¯t have to act like silly old me. Like you now¡± Puppy said. Kitten really got upset and mad that his best friend talked about that really easily to in front of him. So they argued at each other. But they didn¡¯t fight. And at last, Kitten also said that he doesn¡¯t need him and won¡¯t talk to him anymore.

One day, puppy¡¯s owner threw puppy¡¯s house away and moved to another place. At that time, Kitten¡¯s house got broken into. They were both in a bad situation. Puppy had no food. Kitten didn¡¯t have food or a place to live. They were unwilling to eat trash or dirty food, because they were used to living in a big house and they were rich. They only ate delicious food. When cat got out from broken house, Kitten decided to go other cats¡¯ house and get help. Puppy also went to other punk dog¡¯s house for help.

In the cats¡¯ house, many cats helped Kitten. They gave food to Kitten, but it wasn¡¯t delicious food like Kitten used to eat. The other cats weren¡¯t rich like Kitten. But Kitten ate it with no complaint. Also the house wasn¡¯t like where Kitten used to live. It was still ok to him, because he felt thankful to other cats that helped him a lot.

At the same time, at the punk dog¡¯s house, many dogs gave Puppy food. But Puppy really hated it, because it looked not delicious. He couldn¡¯t eat food and Puppy got irritated at the other dogs. Also Puppy said that he really hated this dirty house. Other dogs got upset because Puppy acted too rude and didn¡¯t feel thankful. So they let Puppy out of the house. And Puppy didn¡¯t have food anymore. Puppy regretted and regretted his actions.

When Kitten heard that Puppy had no food and no place to live, he decided to help Puppy even though he was really disappointed in him. So Kitten searched for Puppy. Finally Kitten met Puppy on the same street where they argued before. Kitten brought much food to Puppy. But when Puppy saw Kitten¡¯s food, suddenly, Puppy stole it. He didn¡¯t realize that the food was for Puppy. So Puppy stole Kitten¡¯s food and ran away from Kitten. Kitten got sad, very sad. So he decided to never forgive Puppy again. That¡¯s why the relationship between cats and dogs isn¡¯t good even today.