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All Because of the Pies

By: Karyn S.
Indonesia, Age 13

In a forest far, far, away, there was a bear named Boo. Boo had big feet but his arms were short and fat. His favorite day of the year was the Pie Festival, because Boo loved pies, which is one of the reasons why bears are big and fat. Boo’s house was near to the Pie House, a house where all the pies in the forest were made. Boo loved to go to the Pie House to get some pies because he had a pass that allowed him to take five free pies each week. Rex, the raccoon had one too but Boo was given the pie pass after Rex had it and Rex was jealous. Rex used to stage stakeouts of the Pie House so that he could steal more pies.
One night, Boo waddled over to the Pie House and he saw Nuts, the head of the squirrels and the owner of the Pie House, cleaning up the tables. That night was the last night for Boo to get pies since the Pie Festival was two days away. Then Rex stood by the window and filled with jealousy, stared at Boo with his eyes as big as tennis balls. It reminded him of the days when he had the pie pass. Rex had the pie pass before Boo and Rex was familiar with the pie house. He knew where the cameras were, which pie were in which room, and every other detail of the pie house. Rex was clever so when it was his last week owning the pie pass, he made a secret tunnel from the pie house that led to his backyard.
Boo greeted Nuts, “Hello there, Nuts!”
“Hi Boo. Just a reminder, this is your last chance to get those pies,” Nuts said.
“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Boo replied as he was about to fall.
“Be careful, Boo, or you’ll drop your pies”
They both went to the opposite direction from each other; Boo walked as slow as a turtle back to his cave and Nuts ran back to his tree hole. When Rex saw that they both had left, he came out of his hiding spot and took seven pies, one for each member of his family. He had 5 kids and a wife. He didn’t tell his family members that he stole pies. Every few days Rex came home with pies. His kids and wife were pleased every time Rex brought one pie home.
The pies that Rex took were samples, so there were numbers labeled on the pie pans but he didn’t realize it because he heard something and scared that he would get caught so he hurried to get home.
Boo took home three blueberry pies. This was Boo’s favorite. He saw a homeless rabbit as he walked carefully back to his cave. He gave the rabbit one o his pies but as he handed it over - *SPLAT!* the pie slipped out of Boo’s hand and smashed onto the ground. Then he gave the rabbit another one. The rabbit accepted it, thanked Boo and hopped away like a bear who just got honey.
The next day, Nuts discovered that the pies were stolen and his first suspect was Boo. Nuts questioned Boo. Boo told of what happened with the rabbit and that he only took three pies home and ate one. So Nuts and Boo checked the video cameras of the Pie House and spotted Rex’s tail – but they weren’t sure that it was Rex’s. Rex didn’t know that they added a new camera by the side of the window near Rex’s tunnel. A few moments later, Boo and Nuts questioned Rex but he acted as if he didn’t know anything.
“REX! Have you seen pie pans anywhere?” Boo and Nuts asked.
“Pie pans? Of course not! I haven’t eaten a pie in ages!” Rex replied with no eye contact.
They decided that it wasn’t Rex so they moved on. Later that evening, Boo and Nuts went inside the Pie House. As they looked for clues, detectives arrived. While Nuts was being interviewed, Boo wandered around and then he fell into a hole; Rex’s hole. He tried to get out but couldn’t. He followed the sunlight as it led him to Rex’s backyard.
When Boo got out, he saw a bike, rode on it, and paddled as fast as an airplane to the Pie House. When he arrived there, he tried to get Nut’s attention but Nuts didn’t see Boo. Boo told Nuts when things cleared out a bit. Nuts didn’t believe Boo and because of this, Boo had to find more evidence because he forgot where the tunnel was.
Later, as Rex was walking around the park, he met Nuts, who was taking a morning jog. Rex talked to Nuts for a while and he asked about the pie pans.
“I took the pies. BUT if you dare to tell anyone, I’ll show your baby pictures. I confessed to you because it’s better to do it now than in front of everybody.”
“He’s blackmailing me,” Nuts thought. “Fine, I won’t tell,” he agreed.
On a typical afternoon, Boo went over to Rex’s house for some honey. While he was drinking honey, he tried to look for the pie pans. As Boo wanted to go to the bathroom, he passed the kitchen and saw the pie pans piled up on the counter. He took pictures and walked towards the bathroom.
A few days after he got his evidence, he hired a lawyer and his lawyer defended him. In court, everyone gathered for the case of the stolen pies. Boo said that Rex was guilty. After a long, long discussion, the judged agreed with Boo; Rex wasn’t allowed to be near the pies and Nuts explained himself about the blackmail and he was excused.
For Boo’s reward, he got a pie pass that lasted for four years.
Rex used to do a lot of stakeout, which made him have eye bags. When he wasn’t allowed near the pies, he got depressed and didn’t sleep for a couple of weeks. His eye bags got worse. That is how raccoons got black mask around their eyes. As for Boo, he got a better pie pass. He had pies almost every day and that is why bears are big.