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A Panda To A Bear

By: Jun Seon H.
Indonesia, Age 12

Did you wonder, ¡°Why is a bear brown?¡± It all began in a land far, far away. There lived two playful pandas in a forest rich with delicious bamboo. The young one was named Clever and the older one Lazy. Clever was always appreciated by others, while Lazy was always chewing on a bamboo stick like a baby chewing on a lollipop. Clever was the one who brought breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Lazy.

One day Clever was so mad. He thought and thought until he found a conclusion to pay back his brother. He said to himself, ¡°If Lazy gets no food, then he¡¯ll get mad!¡± So he ran away and hid from Lazy for few days.

Lazy began to get hungry and demanded food, but there was no response. He searched and searched everywhere for Clever, but Clever was too smart for Lazy to find. Lazy Yelled to his wherever Clever was,¡± Clever!!! Get back here this instant.¡± So Lazy just went to take a bath in the stream. He spotted Clever, and took the muddy shortcut to get to him before he was spotted and Clever could run away.

Right then, he slipped and rolled down the mud. He got all brown like a chocolate bar. He bolted to Clever but his brother screamed,¡±AHHH! A monster!!¡±

That day Clever was going to apologize to Lazy for running away. When Clever returned, a big, brown, fuzzy monster was sitting and chewing on bamboo just like his brother. He asked. ¡°Who are you and what have you done to my brother?¡±

He replied, ¡°I am your brother.¡± The little brother was shocked. This was his brother? He sprinted far away. So, the little brother was scared and he ran far away to a place called ¡°JAPAN¡±

The older brother was known as a bear. So he hid himself in a dark cave. He was still very lazy, brown, and fuzzy, but made a new appetite. The appetite was for honey and fish. He got those juicy fish from the calm stream near the dark cave which is where he became a bear. Clever was still in Japan getting appreciated by others. While Lazy getting avoided but he didn¡¯t care. So they all lived happily ever after