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''Rosey and the Devil Doll''

By: Gabriella M.
New York, Age 10

Once apon a time there was a little girl named Rosey. She has blue eyes and blond hair. She is Italian. Her family needed food. So she went to the huge forest and picked some berries. While she wa picking berries she heard a noise .
She turned around and it was a doll. She has always wanted a doll. So she stoped picking berries and ran home. When she got home her mom and dad noticed the doll and noticed it only had nine fingers. She didn't care. She ran up stairs and played with her doll. Her mom heard a big ''thump.'' So her mom ran upstairs and said ''What are you doing breaking your mear.''Rosey said ''Mom i did not do it the doll did.'' Her mom said ''That is the most dumbest thing anyone has ever told me. Dolls cannot moove.'' So her mom took the doll away from her and brushed the dolls' hair. and locked Rosey in her room. Rosey thought her mom loved the doll more than her own daughter. Then rosey noticed the window was unlocked. So she climbed out the window and into her frontyard. When she was walking the doll was right in front of her so she started to run. While she was runing her legs became plastic. She started to scream ''What is happening to me!'' She was turning into the doll is torning into her. So once the doll was a girl she ran inside and said ''I'm sorry for being bad mom.'' Her mom said ''That's okey. Hey where's your doll?'' The doll said I don't you where the last one who had it.'' After that the doll ran out of the house, Rosey saw the doll run so Rosey got up and ran as fast as her plastic legs cold take her. The doll ran in a science lab so Rosey ran in the lab too. Rosey pushed the doll and the doll fell over and chemicals fell all over her. The doll melted and Rosey turned back to life.
Then on Rosey's mom and dad loved her very much THE END