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By: Khristin W.
Louisiana, Age 14

January 23, 2012 It’s Annabell’s birthday and her mom took her to Toy’s R U’S and said you can pick one thing for the store. Annabell looked and looked but she didn’t find anything she liked. Until she came to the end of the last shelf and found a doll with long black hair , red eyes , and a drowned on her face. Annabell said “ mommy mommy I want this one” Annabell’s mother asked“ are you sure you want this one?”, “ YES I DO!” said Annabell, her mother said okay. They went to the cash register and the man at the register said “are you sure you want this one “ YES I DO “ said Annabell “okay if you get this you need to play with it all the time is you don’t play with it break it “ said the man at the rester Annabell thought it was a joke and went home to Laffite she lived all the way at the end of the Barrataria she was the last house . Annabell played with the doll all day she named it Gracie went it came time to go back to school Annabell forgot about Gracie and went to school she came home at the end of the day she did her homework , ate her dinner , took her shower , and went to sleep that night Annabell hears Annabell Annabell im on the first step ” Annabell wakes up frighten and try’s to think what she heard and then she remembered what the man at the rester said so Annabell jumped up and looked for her Doll Gracie but couldn’t find her anywhere she went to look at the stairs and there she way on the first step. Annbell ran to Gracie and through her outside and went back to bed the next day Gracie was sitting on the foot of her bed Annabell got and took Gracie down stairs and asked her mother “ did you bring Gracie in my room last night ?” “No honey I didn’t “ Annbell got dressed for the day and took Gracie and got her older sister to bring her to New Orleans to a Voodoo shop to asked about Gracie when they got to the Voodoo shop there was garlic hang on the door and skeletons hang everywhere in the store when the went to the man behind the counter and when he saw Gracie and freaked out and said “get that evil thing out of here “ my sister took her and went to the car with he told me to burn her and gave me a lighter I went to the parking lot and burnt Gracie until it was just ashes .that night when I went to sleep I didn’t her “Annabell Annabell ! “