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Cinderella's story

By: Teresa & Cecilia M.
Illinois, Age 14

Cinderella’s Story
Once upon a time there was a maiden named Cinderella. She had two step-sisters and one step mother. One sister was named Stella and Merissa. The mother’s name was Rebecca. They lived in a mansion, but Cinderella was the house keeper. She was ordered to clean the house and do chores for her lazy step-sisters. She never had freedom to do anything particular around the house. One day Cinderella got locked in her room, because her step mother did not want her to go to the ball with a prince. Cinderella found out that she had a magical god-mother named Bonnie. She waved her magic stick and set Cinderella free and waved it again so Cinderella had a beautiful light Blue dress and a carriage waiting for her outside. Cinderella was so thankful. She tried to talk but, her magical god mother rushed her into the carriage before the dance would end.
When Cinderella arrived into the ball she met a handsome prince named Damon Salvatore. He was a cute prince. They got to know each other. Then they married. Her step mother regretted everything that she did to Cinderella and the step- sisters started to treat them equally