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Rain Clouds

By: Will D.
Cuba, Age 5

The fluffy white clouds were all in peace. They were having a nice conversation about how pretty the airplanes are. Jerry, Jeffry, Jeremy, Joe, Jack, John, Jeroff, Jamal, Jeremiah, Jobe, and Jauan where all very happy. That is when the evil clowns that rule the sky and dictate what the clouds do proposed a law. They stated that during this job no talking to one another. They have to suck all of the oxygen out of the sky, and destroy every plane that comes by with a storm. They did for a little bit and the people living on earth suffered. Lots of flights were canceled; people were getting sick because of lack of oxygen.
The clouds had a secret meeting place down in the ocean where they talked of an uprising. Jauan was decided on leading the attack on the capitol building. Jeroff would come through the back door and start making way to where the clowns are. When he got to the clown room he would send a blast of lightning through the roof that is where everybody else would strike the roof and attack the clowns. Jack would be hiding near the door just in case Jauan needed backup.
The next day the clouds said they would be off to the others side of the earth to knock down some planes. That is when the clowns went to scheme more plans. It started off great Jauan got in so did Jeroff. They went striking down little clowns until they got to the clown office door. Jeroff tried to kick it down but a device came out a vacuumed him up and spat out water. Jauan decided to strike the device and then the door. He got in and set not just lightning through the roof but the clowns a well.
The battle raged on outside the people on the ground saw a terrible storm, with lots of lightning, rain, hail, and a tornado. The clowns were startled at first but fought back and killed Jack and Joe. The clouds eventually won the battle and freedom. There are still some clowns out there so if you ever see a terrible storm you know it is a fierce battle between the clouds and clowns.