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A Chicken

By: Sameer K.
Massachusetts, Age 11

A chicken
this folktale does not have a happy ending on a sunny day, a family went out to picnic. The family had a boy named Tim and his sister named Alison and their mom and dad.
Their house was near a beach. When coming back from the picnic they found a chicken so Tim said ďletís keep it ďso they took it home.
The next morning when Tim woke up he ran to the living room to see the chicken. The chicken was in a little box with some food and shelter plus a little tiny window so the chicken could have some fresh air.
When Tim opened the box he yelled. So his mom came over to see .Timís sister didnít came because she had went to school and Tim goes to school after his sister goes to school because she is older then Tim . When Timís mom came she was wearing a shinning sari with silky polka dots on it. When she picked the chicken to clean it she saw three golden eggs. Timís mom yelled ďwe are going richĒ. Tim didnít like the look on his momís face.
When Tim went to school came back from school and went to see the chicken the chicken was gone from the box so he went to ask his mom where the chicken is and she told him that the chicken is in a nice box and filled with silky strips and a glass bowl to eat and the new box is better than the old one. When dad and Alison came home.
We had dinner and got ready to go to bed .Tim heard something that mom and dad were talking. Tim didnít hear what they were talking about but he heard something .the next day Tim woke up and ran downstairs to the living room to see the chicken if it turned another color ,but when he came to see it the chicken was gone again.
After school when got from school he asked his mom where the chicken is and she told him that she sold the chicken.
Tim didnít want the chicken to go away from. Tim got so sad and so mad at his mom .When his dad came from his job Tim said to his dad that mom sold the chicken to someone. Even dad didnít care about the chicken.
The next day the guy who bought the chicken called and said the chicken died.
Tim saidĒ see mom, this is what happens when someone gets greedy and the chicken died because of you.

The end
This folktale does not have a happy ending