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Albino Mouse

By: Jacob J.
Kansas, Age 13

Jacob \
Albino Mouse
A long time ago there were zillions of grasshoppers on earth. There were so many of them that there was barely any room for vegetation to grow. Zeus told them that they would have to keep down their population but they didn’t.
Zeus was furious with the grasshoppers and decided to get rid of them. He had no idea how he was going to do it. He started writing random things down on a piece of paper, but none of them were effective enough to do the job he wanted done. He had been thinking very hard for the past few days and finally came to the conclusion that he needed a ninja assassin.
He decided the assassin was going to be an albino mouse named “Moose”. He was going to very fierce when it came to hunting grasshoppers. Zeus said that Moose would be able to live on Earth as long as he wanted. Moose thought over this for a minute and said I will complete this mission if you create many more mice for company. Zeus agreed but reminded him of his duties.
All of the sudden there was a skadoosh noise and Moose was on Earth. He awoke in a tree branch all strapped up in war gear. He had a knife strapped to his leg, a bow on his lap, and two long spears that were crossed on his back. Moose went right to work. He didn’t sleep for five days in a row. He killed many grasshoppers very suddenly. Before you knew it he had the grasshoppers almost extinct.
Zeus kept his part of his promise, but Moose didn’t. When he got all of his companions they all started breeding. Their numbers were growing very rapidly. Zeus saw this coming and thought to let them live for a long time then do to them what they did to the grasshoppers. The Albino Mouse, Moose lived happily ever after.
Many mice inhabit Earth today. The reason why there are so many is because Moose betrayed Zeus by increasing his population by millions.