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How the Tiger Got Its Stripes

By: Helen P.
Georgia, Age 9

Long ago in the forest a little girl and a tiger met in the woods. At first the little girl was scared of the tiger, but then the said, “I’m not going to hurt you. I promise!” The little girl and the tiger became friends. Then they found shelter where nobody lived. They went inside. Then they went to the attic to see what was up there. When they got up there they saw paint, so they thought they’d have fun and paint the walls. When they were painting the owners came home and they sat down and watched TV. Then they heard something in the attic! They went up and opened the door and the little girl was behind the door and she was holding a bucket of paint. When they opened the door she dropped the bucket of paint and it splattered on the tiger and made stripes and that’s how the tiger got its stripes!