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The Boy that Loved Wolves

By: Kevin T.
Massachusetts, Age 12

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tim. Tim was a boy that loved wolves, he loved to study wolves and feed them and do all different research.
Tim loved to play and sleep with the wolves. The wolves always liked him there. Tim was there whenever the wolves needed him there. Sometimes very dangerous people come close to the wolves or Tim and tried to kidnap or take and kill his wolves or to kill Tim.
Whenever someone came close to either Tim or the wolves, both Tim and the wolves woke up and tried to scare away the person/thing/object.
One day the wolves were looking for Tim but could not find him. They looked everywhere for him. They searched high and low for Tim, but just couldn't find him.
So all of the wolves decided to wake up Tim's parents so they could look for Tim.
So the wolves looked for Tim's parents. Finally they found his parents. The only bad thing was that the wolves couldn't talk to people.
So the wolves tried and tried until Tim's parents got what the wolves were trying to tell them.
So Tim's parents went to look for him. They heard a noise. It was a loud noise calling out, ''Mom, Dad Help ME!''
Tim's parents called back out to Tim. They found out that Tim was yelling out of a box.
Tim's parents opened the box and found Tim just sitting there crying his eyes out.
Tim's parents pulled him out of the box.
Then they suddenly heard a noise. It was a gunshot. A loud gun shot that kept on getting closer.
Tim's parents decided to start running home. Faster and faster they went. Closer to home they got. Suddenly they saw home. They all cried ''home''
''We're home'' Tim's parents told him.
So they all went inside and lived happily ever after.
The End


Author's comments

Dear Kevin: Your idea of a boy who loved wolves and wanted to study them would make a very interesting story. I recommend that you tell us more about Tim, how did he look like, what were his feelings about the wolves. It would be nice to hear him speak: What would he tell his parents about the wolves he liked?
Your text left me wanted to know more about the wolves and about the thread... Who was shooting, why?
Keep working on your story. It can make a wonderful piece after you think out and share with us more details. Congratulations.