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By: Tayam K.
Egypt, Age 15

Once upon a time in a universe far away called Bunnyland, there lived two twin bunny rabbits. One of them was called Sego, and the other called Mego. The identical twins were snow white with pink eyes, noses and ears. They had about a dozen whiskers on each side of their face. They were both kindhearted, sweety-pies. Unfortunately, wolves had invaded the town they lived in, Bunnyville. Consequently, they moved to the city, Bunnywood. The wolves had destroyed all their belongings, but their father had luckily saved a prodigious amount of money in the Bunny Bank for a rainy day.
Sego and Mego were a bit intimidated by the new atmosphere. Bunnywood was nothing like they expected it to be. There was a lot of hopping going around and every hare seemed to look more serious than the Bunnyville rabbits. Flashy advertisements of products and new movies, like Dr. Carrot and Harey Potter, permeated the skyscrapers. Their bunnymobile was stretched so long that they could fit 7 other bunny families inside with them. As soon as the driver dropped them off in the Beverly Hills Bunny neighborhood, they were astonished by how huge their bunny hutch was. The yellow villa had four floors, excluding the basement. The back yard was twice the size of the villa, and it had a massive bunny-shaped pool in the middle with waterslides. They each had their own room with LED televisions and a Play Station with the latest game, Modern Harefare III. Sego and Mego were inundated with all the new changes that were happening so fast, especially because their single father was always at work.
The next day, it was their first day of school. They were very apprehensive since they did not know anyone there. All the rabbits starred at them as they entered the door. They kept whispering to each other, until everyone got quite. It seemed as if Sego and Mego were pretty famous. Suddenly, a group composed of three hares dressed in swaggy clothes walked down the hallway. One of them looked as if he was having a bad hare day. The other smacked three textbooks out of a small bunny’s hands and they kept laughing. The third one looked like the leader of the group. They looked as if they were hopular in school. They headed towards Sego and Mego.
“Are you Sego and Mego?” asked the leader.
“I’m Mego and he’s Sego,” Mego explained while feeling a little frightened by what the other bunny’s intentions might be.
“I’m Drake. This is Wayne, and Kanye,” Drake introduced himself while adjusting his hat sideways. “Well, we heard you guys moved into the huge yellow villa in Beverly Hills Bunny ‘cause you were rewarded a million Bunians for killing seven wolves with a single carrot. That true?” Most of his words were unclear. His fast way of speaking made it a bit hard for Sego and Mego to understand.
Sego started to clarify how this rumor was extraordinarily distorted. “That is so not what happened.”
“Actually, it was eight wolves and a half-eaten carrot,” Mego lied to impress them.
Sego pulled Mego to the side while excusing themselves for a minute. “What are you doing?” he exclaimed.
“Sego, this is Bunnywood. No one wants to hear a sad sob story about how the wolves ate every last bit in our old dump. This is a chance to become a new bunny. We could be hopular for once. Please don’t ruin this moment.”
“Those hopular bunnies only want to be our friends because you live in this big villa and have a lot of cool stuff. You know what? I don’t want to be a part of this. You can go be hopular all you want and lie your way through high school. Let’s see how you’re going to end up.” Sego left Mego and went to class, while Mego stayed with the hopular group.
“Sego isn’t going to be hanging with us,” Mego explained to the group of hares.
“Well since you will be with us a lot, we will need to get you some bling,” Drake pointed out. “Wayne, take out the bling.” Wayne took out three huge chain necklaces and a cap. Mego put them on and then adjusted his cap sideways to look like Drake. “Now you’re ready!”
On the other hand, Sego met a good-natured bunny called Jay. Jay and Sego became best friends. They did everything together, whether it was studying or bike riding. Jay was very smart at math and helped Sego study for tests, since math was not Sego’s best subject. Sego was getting good grades all year long, while Mego was failing almost every subject.
The following day, Sego and Jay were walking to school together. Mego hadn’t done his homework that day and didn’t want to get howled at by the teacher. He stopped Sego and Jay and kept beating them until they gave him their homework. Mego satisfyingly went to school and turned in ‘his’ homework, while Sego and Jay lost points. Sego was really mad at Mego and decided to never talk to him again.
One day, a fire reduced their house to ashes. Sego and Mego had lost everything once more. After this sad event occurred, Sego slept over at Jay’s house. Meanwhile, Drake, Wayne, and Kanye decided to not be friends with Mego anymore, since he did not have a cool house. Mego realized that Sego was right. The hopular group only wanted to hand out with him because of the things he owned; he realized they were not his true friends.
Mego went and apologized to Sego and Jay for beating them up and stealing their homework. He promised to never do it again. Sego and Jay forgave him and Mego slept over at Jay’s house with them. Mego learned two valuable lessons from all of this. The first one was to pick his friends wisely, for they will define what kind of bunny he will become. As for the second one, it was ‘don’t scurry, be hoppy.’