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''What Goes Around Comes Around''

By: Cenia H.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

He cut the skin on the tortoises drum and brought out his son in time to save his life. Ever after Hanafi was an obedient boy that lived happily because he followed the advice of his father and mother. Years later Hanafi grew up and became a strong loving father who had a son named Oogami he loved and cared for oogami as his parents loved and cared for him. He also had a wife named Zola; Zola prepared the meals while Hanafi taught Oogami how to become a strong hunter. They would hunt from dawn to dust; they worked so hard that when they came home their hands would stick to the bow and arrow from holding them all day. One day Hanafi and Oogami had gone hunting for supper. They went to their favorite spot just behind the village in between the trees. They also knew that there would be a lot of animals there around this time in the day.

While they were seating the traps Hanafi saw a round hump back four leg-it creature. Hanafi turned around and he knew that they where under attack, so he grabbed Oogami and began to run the opposite way from the creature. They stopped to catch their breath, when Hanafi turned around he realize that there stood tortoises similar to the one his parents saved him from. When they tried to run away from the horrible memories the tortoise grabbed Hanafi and put him into a basket and dragged him along the path to his death. When the tortoise reached his destination, Hanafi regained conciseness he realize that he was floating in a pot of soup and he knew who had captured him. Oogami followed the smelled of soup when he reached the end of the smell of the soup he tried to save his father but it was too late. His father’s last words were “what goes around comes around remeber that son it will help you get thorough-out life”.