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''The Continuation Of The Magic Crocodile ''

By: Selena H.
Pennsylvania, Age 14

“Do not enter other and yourself into danger.” The hunter put the villagers in danger because he tried to get the villagers to help the hunter kill the crocodile. I used this moral because the hunter put the villagers was danger because he tried to get them to help him kill the crocodile and he put them in danger by asking them to help him but if the crocodile was not a magic crocodile he would have attacked the hunter and villagers. The hunter put himself in the danger because he would have gotten a attack because he tried to kill the crocodile but the crocodile had magic powers and made sure he did not get killed or even get one little cut.

The hunter and the villagers had give up on trying to kill the crocodile but they couldn’t because the crocodile was magic so they could not kill him and they put they self’s in danger so the crocodile had made them blind so they can not kill him or even give him a little cut and ever on was safe and no one got hurt.