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Jaden's Baseball Story

By: Matthew and Drew E.
Brazil, Age 5

Jadenís Baseball Story There was an athlete that had torn his ACL an had to recover fast or his dreams were going to be overÖ
As 7-9 months passed he began to work harder a train for the upcoming senior season he had. While he was a junior he played on the varsity team and was the star play around the state but the offers he was getting for small Union State colleges.
Older kids were sleeping or hanging out he was working hard for his College dreams to come true. His GPA in high 4.1 which was awesome but his hard working and dedication got him his great talent.
As the season began he was hitting homeruns and beginning to shape up as one of the top players in the nation. His look at the letters he was getting from all of these small colleges didnít satisfy himí because he wanted better.
When his season continued he won regional an was into the State Tournament and the College Scouts were looking for the perfect Cather from Mobile Alabama that had many homeruns and was good in school his dream school was south Carolina but he Would consider any SEC team for baseball.
In the first game of the Tournament he hit two homeruns and got to meet some college coaches after the game. When the second game began the number of coaches doubled that wanted to see Jaden!
3 weeks later he received a letter from Florida a Jaden accepted that ASAP! He lost in the semifinals at state but had a great college career.