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A Long Way Back

By: Lucas N.
Florida, Age 11

Once upon a time an American,. archaeologist decided to go find dinosaur bones in Persia, but out of no where... The pilot screamed,''We're going down!'' Everything went black.
Looking for anything in the rubble of the plane, the man found nothing but ash. The man kept going and found two big palm trees surrounded by water! He went towards it and saw it was only an illusion. He looked for hours in the desert for water... Even under a rock! That was a big mistake, because tarantulas were there! They chased him all the way back to the plane spitting poison at him. At least the flames scared the spiders away.
This time the man found an emergency kit under some flaming rubble! He could only reach the flare gun which almost got the attention of a helicopter. The man walked and walked until he found a ghost town. That's when he collapsed. He woke up on the chopper he shot the flare gun at! ''I saw an abandoned town and then you.'' The pilot explained. The man finally said,''I will never ride a plane again.'' He never did ever again.