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20 VS Tsunami

By: Catherine O.
Virginia, Age 10

On a clear sunny day, there lived 20 men on a graceful beach. They were always joyful, but whenever the 20 men interrupt each other, they would get sharp and noisy. Sometimes the yelling gets so bad that it causes an earthquake, wind blows and the waves begin to form a TSUNAMI! So, they had to be quiet and tactfully.
On one beautiful day, the 19 men accept one. Woke up relaxed and happy .It was a sunny clear day, So the nineteen men went down near the beach and soaked their feet along the hot, warm water.
The first man said, “This feels so relaxing!”
All the 19 men said, “You are right! “
On the same day, the 20th man woke up grumpy and furious just because he was super cold at night. He forgot to not interrupt anyone and guess what he did? He interrupted everyone and the 19 men yelled at each other .The wind begin to blow and the waves begin to move .There was a big silence where the 20 men were .There was A BIG WAVE coming towards them. The 20 men said all at once “Oops”.
The Tsunami said in a big loud voice,”SAY SORRY AND I WON’T PASS OVER YOU GUYS!” Then the 20 men said sorry to each other and for how on the 20 men learned their lesson and they all lived happily ever after.